Thursday, July 10, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Belong


Where do I belong? I feel like my life has been one long struggle to find belonging. 

As I said in my post 10 things about me, I have changed addresses on average once per year of life (a few were longer than a year, but 3.5 is my record, and many have been less than a year). My childhood was a pattern of moving somewhere new, getting to know people, finally making friends, and then after a short time of actually having friends, it was time to go somewhere new. I am what they call a third-culture kid (TCK). Part one thing and part another and really not fitting or belonging anywhere in particular.  

After a while I got so tired and scared of saying good-bye that I stopped letting anyone in beyond hello. I put up my walls and closed off my heart and kept everyone at arm's length.

But no one can live like that. Not for long. It makes for a lonely and sad existence. So I found my courage; courage to let people in. Courage to build relationships even if I knew they would sooner or later be rooted up and tossed aside. Courage to love, even if it meant having my heart broken.

And I discovered something. The only lasting relationships I have ever had with other human beings all have something in common. The only truly meaningful relationships are those that have pointed me closer to my savior. The only lasting friendships are the ones with brothers and sisters in Christ. They are the ones I can count on to be there for anything whenever I need them. 

I figured out where I belong; where my home is. I belong with my savior. My home is the kingdom of heaven. I don't fit in anywhere on this earth because I will only truly fit in when I get to my eternal home. All relationships on this earth will pass away, except those with other citizens of the heavenly kingdom. It is investing in those relationships --  first with Christ and then with other Christians -- that makes this life meaningful and gives us that sense of belonging.



  1. This is such a beautiful reminder of where our focus needs to be throughout each day. I love these words: It is investing in those relationships -- first with Christ and then with other Christians -- that makes this life meaningful and gives us that sense of belonging.

    Trying to fit in and to belong can become an obsession if we let it.

    But as you pointed out, it takes courage to let people in and to build relationships and to love. And those may still bring us pain, but if we follow our Savior's lead, we need to love and let people in anyway. Jesus knew that same pain and that same heartbreak and sorrow. But still, he loved. Still, he loves.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and blessing me with your words. Stopped by from FMF <3

  2. I know how you feel! Theres something so beautiful about our friendships with our brothers & sisters in Christ. Be blessed!


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